Highly productive, full stack, agile development teams providing quality enterprise software solutions.

Covering all areas of the development life cycle: security, quality assurance, devops, software architecture, business intelligence, and product management in an agile work environment.

Services we provide

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Software Development

Software architects skilled in developing web, mobile and desktop software using Microsoft and Open Source tech. DevOps team with enterprise-ready infrastructure to support development.


Quality Assurance

We are a team of fully engaged, senior QA consultants with a robust, scalable IT infrastructure for testing large scale applications. We have over 10 years of experience in end-to-end product quality assurance and our staff is 100% customer satisfaction oriented.


Scaled Agile Framework

To manage large scale projects, our teams implement processes that are up to par with the complexity of enterprise software development. We are professionals certified in SAFe® for Lean Enterprises, Agile and Scrum. Product Managers and Software Architects work with customers to define the features of its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for new products, or features of the next software version for existing products.


How it Works




Product Managers and Software Architects work with you to understand your business needs, analyze the scope of the project, and define the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).



Our teams of Quality Assurance, Development and Product Management build development process has built-in software quality and a scalable software architecture. For your convenience, we periodically host presentations to showcase the product and get your feedback at every step during the development process.
The future of your software is our main focus. We build intuitive, user friendly UI, backed by a solid --yet flexible secured middle tier back-end architecture. We don’t spare in producing well written, easily maintainable, quality code so the product is built to last.



Once all software features are all built, our team ensures your software is up and running in a production environment and provides training materials for your end-users.


About Us


logo-nav is a leading software development company specialized in offshore development, testing, business intelligence and product management.

Since 1999, our refined processes and desire for constant improvement have enabled our engineers to successfully produce highly technical software systems. Products built for corporations in the US, Europe and Asia have become best sellers through our implementation of industry-standard agile software development methodologies.

Charleston City, South Carolina

Charleston, SC has quickly become a surprise player in the tech growth field among giants like Silicon Valley and New York City Tech Community. Through its Digital Corridor strategy, the city now hosts a large percentage of employment in IT-related businesses and over 200 tech companies.

InfoArch is aligned with Charleston’s endeavour of being the technological hub of the east coast by providing a wide-range of software development services and training.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

At the heart of South America, Santa Cruz is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and an attractive venue for international investors given its economic stability. Conveniently located in an Eastern time zone, its solid infrastructure connects businesses between Bolivia, the US, and the world.

Santa Cruz is home to a large concentration of universities and english-speaking professionals in the IT industry. This allows Info-Arch to provide highly reliable and scalable services to its partners in the US.